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About Us

SR2 Group is an independent technology development company with an expanding IP portfolio in areas such as signal analytics, analog data mining, machine health, multi-sensor integration, and medical devices. Through autonomous funding and joint ventures we are developing ideas into products and creating new business opportunities.   In addition, we are making significant investments in both DOD and commercially driven research that builds on our technology and expertise.  

SR2 Group also provides emerging technology R & D support services for companies, investors, government, and business professionals.  Our principal team members average over 20 years experience in technology development, manufacturing, or management. We have consulted on or managed initiatives in diverse industries including big data, geospatial terrain processing, medical devices, consumer optics, radar, acoustic sensors, real-world signal and data analytics, and scientific computing, and have also collaborated on joint proposals with some of our nation's foremost academic institutions and laboratories.

Formed in 2000, SR2 Group leverages experience from a proven team that successfully grew a small, self-financed medical technology company into a venture that gained the attention of the largest companies in the market. The venture was acquired by one of the nations premier medical electronic firms, and the principals now make their talents and specific experience available to others. We continue to build on this foundation to address the expanding needs of our clients.

Our group has on-staff expertise in key technology areas as well as established relationships in industry, academia and medicine.  We have collected talented individuals and forged strategic links in order to provide a pool of highly technical scientific and engineering skills combined with big-picture project management experience and business sensibility.  Our consultants have worked with small startup organizations, major publicly traded corporations and world-renowned medical and academic research centers.

A successful venture combines solid marketable technology, business acumen and an executable plan of attack.  Key technical expertise must be linked to careful business thought.  Our multidisciplinary view bridges barriers and helps achieve cohesive results.  We understand the details of bringing new ideas from conception to market and we know how to create, evaluate and protect innovative technology.  Let our resources work for you.

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