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SR2 Group provides R & D and support services for emerging technology areas.  We serve companies, investors, government, and business professionals with decision support analysis, project planning, and specialized scientific and engineering consulting.  We help plan, manage, and accelerate complex technical projects, integrate ideas, and facilitate effective entries into new markets.

Our principal team members average over 20 years experience in technology development, manufacturing, or management. We have consulted on or managed initiatives in diverse industries including medical devices, consumer optics, pollution control, radar, acoustics, and scientific computing.  Our consultants have worked with small startup organizations, major publicly traded corporations and world-renowned medical and academic research centers.

Our capabilities include:  

   Signal, Image, and Analog Big Data Analytics
   Contract Research
   Specialty Engineering
   Technology Analysis
   Project Planning and Review
   Scientific and Academic Liaisons

In conjunction with any of these services, we can also assist your organization with Intellectual Property Strategies and User and Market Education.

Our consultants have full lifecycle experience.  We understand the details of bringing new ideas from conception to market and we know how to create, evaluate and protect innovative technology.  Let our resources work for you.

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