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SR2 Group has developed proprietary technology through iR&D efforts in a variety of areas, including adaptive signal processing, signature discovery and discrimination, LIDAR and geospatial terrain processing, machine vision, optical targeting, and medical implants. We also have extensive experience building designer algorithms and targeted technology under sponsored research efforts.
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Signature & Signal Processing

One of SR2 Group's core strengths is in signal processing algorithms for data-adaptive signature discovery scenarios. We have broad experience coupled with unique patented methods that find and exploit signature structure in weakly correlated data. Our methods are applicable to signals acquired from real-world complex, noisy, and heterogeneous environments where classical approaches often fail.

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LIDAR and Imagery
SR2 Group has unique algorithms for tactical terrain processing, compression, and information extraction in LIDAR and LIDAR-imagery fusion datasets, as well as hyper- and multi-spectral data cubes. These have been tested on datasets including those from UAV-based assets over 5 years experience.

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Image Processing & Machine Vision

We have applied our unique, patented signal processing tools to image classification and have developed additional proprietary algorithms for problems such as cross-modality feature matching, visual target identification, and tracking. Successes range from 3-D scene segmentation, to high-reliability classification of easily confounded aphids by wing structure, to full-motion image feature tracking.

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Signal Environment Learning
and Anomaly Detection

SR2 Group has combined proprietary and patented signature discovery technology with capabilities in machine learning and time-dynamic modeling to produce software that can learn an environment by exposure, and subsequently report anomalies. Our algorithms develop a data-driven model of typical features of a signal environment along with corresponding statistics. Applications include monitoring of areas or perimeters, machine health, complex data systems, traffic, etc. The system was design for environments that evolve or are prone to relatively unconstrained background noises, so that it is difficult to develop feature sets purely from domain knowledge.

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Speaker Identification
in Unconstrained Natural Speech
Computer recognition of individual words is a solved problem, particularly in a fixed language. However the problem of identifying speakers during a natural language conversation has proved much more difficult.

SR2 Group is developing proprietary algorithms for identifying speakers against known datasets, for detecting and clustering speech from unknown speakers, and for automatically segmenting conversations by speaking party, language, or other criteria. Our unique methods work on unconstrained natural speech and are entirely language agnostic. We have achieved high accuracy classification in prototype testing of recordings in English, Arabic, Iraqi Arabic, Chinese, Greek, Farsi, and Russian.

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Sight Picture Alignment

SR2 Group has developed a series of patented and proprietary technologies for addressing the problem of real-time, high precision alignment of the fields of view of physically separated optical systems. The technology is applicable to numerous problems in multiple-viewpoint visual information sharing, from team target tracking to multi-camera information fusion.

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Heart Valve Shock Damping
SR2 Group has patented technology that addresses the problem of fluid shock and valve-leaflet impact during closing of mechanical-replacement biological valves. This is a significant issue in, for example, aortic root graft and valve replacement, where elimination of natural tissue sinuses and vessel elasticity combine to radically increase the shock and noise communicated to a patient

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Our fast, robust 3-D scene segmentation and tracking algorithms aid high-speed, real-time robotic handling of irregular items. By autonomously solving problems in object feature finding, identification, and specialized imaging in situations where items of interest were not designed for standardized machine handling, we amplify your capabilities.

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