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Government & Military

SR2 Group has provided both prime and subcontract research and development for agencies of the US Government, including Army ERDC Topographic Engineering Center (TEC) and Signature Physics Lab, DARPA, NRL, AFO, NGA, and others. This includes independent efforts as well as work in partnership with major DOD systems integrators and academic research centers.


Capabilities and Experience

  • LIDAR and Imagery
    Unique algorithms for tactical terrain processing, compression, and information extraction in LIDAR and LIDAR-imagery fusion datasets, as well as hyper- and multi-spectral data cubes. These have been tested on datasets including those from UAV-based assets such as Buckeye.

  • Signature Discovery and Opportunistic Sensing
    Our patented and proprietary GAD processing architecture discovers signature structure in weakly correlated data and enables signature detection in complex, noisy, and heterogeneous or multi-static signal environments without relying on tight coherence. We are inventors and early adopters of sparse signal processing methods that are now becoming part of an expanding technical area called compressive sensing.

GAD Adaptive Processing
  • Radar Waveform Design
    Our experience includes design and analysis of unique waveforms and their ambiguity properties in concert with partners at the University of Maryland under several DOD sponsored programs. In addition to theoretical and bench-top work, we have participated in live testing on the NRL AMRFC system at Chesapeake Beach.
  • Live Sight-Picture Processing and Machine Vision
    We have patented IP in extracting and fusing feature information from multiple imaging systems and in related dynamic alignment of sighting devices. Our in-house developed capabilities have application in multi-warfighter target exchange, in surveillance, in UAV/UGV camera calibaration and frame fusion, in robotic path planning, and in complex video stream processing applications.

  • High Performance Computing, Data Exploration, and Visualization
    In addition to workstations equipped for both traditional and GPU computing, we have available our RIPPS high performance computing cluster, which includes 60 dedicated Xeon class processing cores configured for mathematical processing. Our facilities also include a performance visualization workstation wall capable of providing 18.75 megapixels native displayed resolution. Commercially licensed technical computing packages are supplemented by a host of proprietary, optimized software that we have developed in-house.

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